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COVID-19: A Letter from Dr. T & Suggested Supplements

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Dear North Texas Healing Center Patients,

In following Governor Abbott’s announcement, we have decided to implement phone appointments only starting Monday, March 23rd. Protecting you, the community and our staff is our number one priority! 

To assist with patient budgets during this difficult time, all phone appointments will be $35 for both children and or adults.

If you absolutely must be seen in the office, we will have to coordinate the time so we do not have more than 10 people in the office. 

We ask that all supplement orders are emailed in. Staff will then call you for payment and will let you know if it will be sitting inside the front door on shelving or placed outside in the basket. 

During phone appointments, our practitioners will talk with you about your health symptoms and review your history. They will then hang up and proxy test you. We have used proxy testing since the clinic opened under Dr. Ardis. Proxy testing is equally as effective as in-person appointments. Proxy testing is based on quantum physics, energy connects us and we can put our energy aside to connect with your energy and ask your body questions, the same as when we test you in the office. We will then have staff email the results of the proxy test which will include supplement recommendations and dosages.

We will post a list of recommended immune building supplements on our website, however, we encourage you to make a phone appointment so our practitioners can test to see which is best absorbed by your body and the correct dosages needed to help boost your immunity against viruses and infections. 

We suggest you periodically check our web page, Facebook page, and or Instagram for further updates as this situation keeps evolving. 

Thank you for choosing your health!

Dr. Brian Tregellas and NTHC Staff

Dr. T recommends these supplements to keep your immune system healthy during this coronavirus outbreak & flu season:


Helps to build stronger and more potent white blood cells. Take this year-round for a stronger immune system. Take 4-6 a day while healthy and sick.


Helps to fight a current infection. This has 22+ different supplements meant to boost immune system during an infection. Take 6-8 a day when you get sick.

IMMUPLEX [no longer available from our vendor]

This product has everything your immune system needs to stay healthy – Vitamins A, C, E, B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Iron, Selenium, Thymus, Liver and Spleen Glandulars. Take 4 a day while healthy.


This product helps to make more white blood cells and pairs well with Thymex, Congaplex, or Immuplex.


Helps feed the immune system. Viruses also cannot survive in a high calcium environment in the body.


This is great for fighting off viruses and illnesses, as well as keeping your immune system healthy. Take 6 a day.


Vitamin C helps with boosting immune function and is also a powerful antioxidant. Take 3,000mg a day when healthy, 10,000mg a day when sick.


This herb is highly antiviral and helps stop overproduction of mucus. Take 2-4 a day.


Nasal and sinus decongestant. Take 4-6 a day when congested.


This apoptosis supplement targets infected cells and kills them.   

Direct-order from our website:  arogalife.com/dr.briantregellas