COVID-19: A Letter from Dr. T & Suggested Supplements

Dear North Texas Healing Center Patients,

As the COVID pandemic continues, we at NTHC are working hard to keep our patients safe. Please continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website for updates.


  • Upon arrival at the clinic, patients will be required to wait in their vehicles until they are called/texted by the front office staff to enter the building.

  • Patients will have their temperature taken and recorded upon entrance to the clinic.

  • Patients are required to either sanitize their hands or wash them upon entry into the clinic.

  • Masks/face coverings are required by the building owner for all businesses inside. Each patient must bring and leave with their own mask. North Texas Healing Center will not be providing masks/face coverings to patients.

  • Both the waiting area/lobby and kids' play area are closed and will not be utilized until further notice.

  • Unless the patient being seen is a minor with one parent/guardian with them or an elderly patient with one caregiver, no other person than the patient is permitted to enter the building for the patient's scheduled appointment. If there are multiple children with a patient, then we have an extra room that everyone can sit in while Dr. Tregellas sees the person with the appointment. 

  • Phone and or Zoom appointments will be made available to those patients that are uncomfortable with coming into the office for their appointment.

  • Any patients with active respiratory symptoms or fever will not be permitted for an in-person appointment; phone appointments will be required for those patients seeking services.

We realize how extreme this sounds to some, but these are the required steps that I have to follow per my state licensing board rules. We appreciate all of our patients' enthusiastic willingness to respect and adhere to these guidelines. We will all get through this together as long as we are smart about the precautions taken and respectful of the guidelines in place. And, as always, thank you for continuing to choose your health.


Dr. Tregellas


Dr. T recommends these supplements to keep your immune system healthy during this coronavirus outbreak & flu season:


Helps to build stronger and more potent white blood cells. Take this year-round for a stronger immune system. Take 4-6 a day while healthy and sick.


Helps to fight a current infection. This has 22+ different supplements meant to boost immune system during an infection. Take 6-8 a day when you get sick.


This product has everything your immune system needs to stay healthy – Vitamins A, C, E, B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Iron, Selenium, Thymus, Liver and Spleen Glandulars. Take 4 a day while healthy.


This product helps to make more white blood cells and pairs well with Thymex, Congaplex, or Immuplex.


Helps feed the immune system. Viruses also cannot survive in a high calcium environment in the body.


This is great for fighting off viruses and illnesses, as well as keeping your immune system healthy. Take 6 a day.


Vitamin C helps with boosting immune function and is also a powerful antioxidant. Take 3,000mg a day when healthy, 10,000mg a day when sick.


This herb is highly antiviral and helps stop overproduction of mucus. Take 2-4 a day.


Nasal and sinus decongestant. Take 4-6 a day when congested.


This apoptosis supplement targets infected cells and kills them.   

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