North Texas Healing Center is a holistic wellness clinic with focus on locating and eliminating causes for symptoms and disease processes. We focus on eight causes and symptoms for diseases. Primarily food allergies, infections, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, scar tissue, emotional stress, misalignment of various levels of the spine and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


NRT Practitioner / Chiropractor / Owner


Dr. Tregellas graduated from Parker University in 2010 as a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He attended Ulan in 2012 for his basic and intermediate Nutritional Response Testing certification. Dr. Ardis personally trained him in advanced techniques thereafter. He joined Ardis Healing Center in 2013, and by 2017 he became a partner. At the end of 2018, he bought the clinic and changed the name to North Texas Healing Center. He was raised in the Texas Panhandle where he grew up farming and ranching. He has an avid love for nature and the nutrition that comes from nature. Dr. T also loves kids and had one of his own, Theo, in May of 2018. He is enjoying parenthood and looks forward to having more children. He was voted "Mom Approved Health Care Practitioner" by Dallas/Forth Worth North Texas Child in 2015.

NRT Practitioner / Licensed Massage Therapist


Dayle was introduced to NRT as a patient back in 2014 after many years of misdiagnosis and treatment in the medical field. She has since become a licensed massage therapist and NRT practitioner. She attended Ulan in Florida and received training in NRT techniques. Dayle continues to further her studies and education in the field and offers many massage modalities and a therapeutic approach along with nutritional support. 

Body Code & Emotion Code Certified Practitioner / Office Manager


Diana started as a desperate, although skeptical, patient seeking answers. She felt betrayed and ignored by traditional medical doctors. After treatment changed her life, Diana quickly accepted an offer to work temporarily at the office. Needless to say, the temporary became permanent. Diana attended Ulan in Florida and learned NRT (Nutritional Response Testing). Upon completion of that program, she was personally trained by Dr. Ardis in emotional release techniques and in 2018, she officially became certified by Dr. Bradley Nelson in the Emotion Code. In July of 2020, Diana completed her certification and is now a Certified Body Code Practitioner. Diana is passionate about this field of study and is thoroughly convinced that great physical health starts with great emotional health!

Massage Therapist


Cristi Paton is an LMT living in Frisco, TX with her husband, 2 kids & their dog. Cristi has enjoyed the relaxation benefits of massage for years but her experience with acute back pain and the relief she gained from visits to a massage therapist sealed her interest in the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.  

The activities of life can get us down, either physically, mentally or both. Massage Therapy is a wonderful tool to help each of us on the path to living our best life, whatever that means to you.  Whether you sit at a desk, chase toddlers or challenge yourself physically, Cristi would love to show you how relaxing your body can aid in relaxing your mind.

Administrative Assistant 


Kris came to the clinic as a patient and enjoys working here because she has always believed in natural medicine. She has a passion for helping people and loves to see the results it brings!

Front Desk Receptionist


Stephanie has been living a holistic lifestyle for over 12 years. She says it has been a life-changing journey and that she feels honored to work at North Texas Healing Center. Her goal is to make people feel welcome the moment they walk into the clinic's door!

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